Stop Making Young Men Feel They Are Not Wanted By Labour

I've just joined the party at 35! All my life I expected to join much earlier on, I would even go so far as to say I had some political ambitions. Although most of my north east working class family are staunch Labour supporters I never felt there was any point in getting involved in the party as each constituency I have lived in my adult life has always run 'all women short lists' for the candidacy. I understand the desire to make the party more representative of society. However personally I think equality of opportunity is more important than the end result, a parliamentary party artificially manipulated to represent society rather than one that actually does by provision of equality or opportunity is fundamentally flawed. The email I received yesterday telling me that Caroline would make the party "look like us" and then listing nobody who looks like me was very poorly thought out, but I appreciate that it helps me decide on my vote more by exclusion unfortunately rather than any one individual shining.