I think Labour can win the next election easily. As follows:-

1 - Burst the 'Myth of the inherited mess' - Say this 'If Labour overspent why was the Uk's national debt in 2010 lower than any of our major competitors, including Japan, France, Germany, the USA etc etc. This is after 13 years of Labour Government, a global recession, pumping money into infrastructure investment to get the economy moving and bailing out the banks'. 2 -Parody the Tories 'Long term economic plan'. The Tories short term economic plan was a double / almost triple dip recession. Their medium term economic plan is an unsustainable housing boom. Their long term economic plan is to cut the deficit in the first 3 years of this parliament followed by 2 years of pumping money into the economy to win the next election. This will result in an overheating of the economy followed by a recession in the next parliament. Nigel Lawson did this in the late 1980's and is known widely amongst economists as 'the Lawson boom'- classic boom and bust economics. Tell people to Google 'the Lawson boom'. Repeat this all the way up to the next election until people are sick of hearing you say 'The Lawson boom'. 3 - Quote the statistics with a direct comparison between 13 years of Labour Government and 6 years of Tory Government. The economy grew by about 2.5% per year, including the 2 years when the country was in recession under the Labour government. In 6 years of Tory Government it has been an average of about 1%. The Labour Government spent 42% as a percentage of GDP, including the 2 years of recession, under the Tories in the last 6 years it has been 43-44%, despite the cuts. Never refer to the last Government as a 'Coalition'. 4 - No. 3 leads on to the final and most important point. We need to have a narrative to explain why it is bad for the economy for there to be such a wide gap between the richest in our society and the poorest. I would say 'If you give a £10m tax cut to a billionaire they will spend the money on a yacht in the Bahamas, give £1 to 10 million people they will spend the money in the shops and boost the economy. This is why one of the main reasons the economy boomed under the Labour government was the introduction of the minimum wage and why the Tory attack on the poorest in our society will never work'.