Healthy Nation for All - Mindfulness and Wellness Citizens Charter

Inspire Health Improvement for the Nation. Using the Health Trainers VRQ initiative, inspire a generation of health and well-being improvement. The number of Apprenticeships will cumulatively be (x) millions by 2020. City & Guilds could be persuaded via Hazel Blears (then Health Minister prior discussion with them) to add into Apprenticeships the Level 3 Health Trainers VRQ shaped into a Workplace Wellness context. All Apprenticeships can then connect with others in their workplace to stimulate knowledge based improvements (obesity, etc) reducing the future NHS bill. Healthy workplaces, healthy young people and grants to help small businesses create more running, swimming, tennis or gym clubs that help young people to also overcome social isolation. What better sector to start in than the Care Sector that has been crisscrossed with low level training. Each Carer to be inspired, becoming Community Health Trainers, better able to improve their own mindfulness, be able to better support those they care for, and through knowledge skills help communities improve their local citizens' well-being. I wish you every success. Burchick MBE