I have several suggestions, namely: 1. ALL Labour MPs should either refuse to take the 10% pay rise that has been given them or donate it to charity as the SNP are doing. How can you expect people to believe you stand for them if you accept this pay rise when they are struggling? My former colleagues at Walsall Council (I am now retired) have recently been told they are going to have to take a 2% pay cut AND take three days unpaid annual leave each year - this at a time when MPs pay is being increased by 10%. 2. MPs and local ativists should organise lots of local "get togethers/street parties" for people in their constituencies so they can meet their local Councillors and activists to talk about matters, both national and local, that concern them. 3. In terms of housing and mortgages, introduce the type of mortgage my husband and I had through the Housing Commission in Brisbane, Australia, where we paid only 25% of our income, IRRESPECTIVE OF WHAT THAT INCOME WAS. So, if we were out of work, we only paid 25% of our dole money. That way, you ensure that people don't lose their homes. 4. Impose the "Robin Hood Tax" to pay off the deficit - this will ensure that the deficit is paid by those who got us into this mess without having to cut funding to local authorities and to those in need. The counter argument always runs that, if you deprive these people of their money, they will leave the country. We should say to such people, "If you love your money more than your country, please leave! We'll drive you to the airport if you like!" 5. It is our belief that a lot of Labour voters, particularly here in the Midlands and in the North, turned to UKIP and the SNP because they no longer felt a connection to the Labour Party. As Owen Jones has asked, how many Labour candidates in the last election ever worked in a factory? Not many, I would think. Ordinary working class people, particularly "North of Watford", feel that the Labour Party has become too much like the Tories (only a light blue instead of a dark blue!). They, quite wrongly, believed (and probably still believe) that UKIP is a socialist party which the Labour Party no longer is. We need to redress this - and quickly. 6. Employ a really good, effective advertising company to promote the Labour Party and Labour ideals - after all, that's what the Tories were doing when they employed Saachi and Saachi in the late 70s/early 80s - and it worked!! Don't just rely on the Daily Mirror to get our message across. AND 7. Above all, when Labour spokespersons are interviewed by the likes of Andrew Neale - ATTACK THEM back for lying and ATTACK THEM back for continually interrupting (politics is more complex than a three second sound bite, after all) and, if necessary, demand that the Producer provides a different interviewer, explaining that the man (and it's usually a man) is unfit for the job for which he is employed.